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Director's Message

# 49
Erin Kelly, 
Director of Education

Erin.jpgShortly after the school year ended in June we had approximately 2 thousand students show up for class, voluntarily extending their learning into July.

Only a small number are there to improve grades or recover credits, which is a traditional perception of what goes on in summer school. This year there are hundreds of Grade 1-3 students in our Summer Learning Program, which we call Camp Wonder. A group of Grade 6 and 7 students are improving math and literacy skills in the Moving Forward program and 120 recent Grade 8 graduates are Reaching Forward, earning their first high school credit before entering Grade 9.

We have students earning credits, while they work, in co-op placements this summer and some more taking courses through on line e-learning. This, of course, means that we have dozens of dedicated teachers working through a portion of their summer break and their committment to student achievement is remarkable.

Summer vacation is a well-deserved break for both staff and students, but I am so encouraged by the incredible response to all our Summer Program opportunities.