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It’s a proven fact; when children and parents talk regularly about school, children generally perform better academically. When parents get actively involved, children not only get better grades, they are more motivated and have better self-esteem. They also have much lower rates of suspension and fewer instances of violent behavior.
Sometimes all it takes is asking, “How was school today?” and listening to the answer. And the level of student achievement increases proportionately with the level of parental involvement.
You can set high but realistic expectations for your child’s schoolwork. Encourage and recognize their special talents and successes at school and share the good news with family and friends.
Parent to School Communication

Staff members are eager to answer your questions or address your concerns. To most effectively deal with your questions or concerns it is recommended that you first contact the classroom or subject teacher. If questions or concerns remain, contact the following in the suggested order:

  1. The Principal
  2. The Area Superintendent
  3. The Director of Education

Trustees are your community advocates, who can bring inquiries and concerns to the appropriate staff person, member of administration or to the attention of the Board.​

Public Concerns

The GECDSB has approved a new Policy and Regulation to support communication with parents / guardians and members of our communities.




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