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Homework Help - Online Math Tutoring

The Homework Help Program

It is a free resource that students can access to receive help with their math homework.

Starting September 26, 2012 students will be able to login to and access a variety of different resources including:

  • Free math tutoring
  • Ask a Teacher chat rooms
  • Listen & Learn presentations with certified teachers
  • Interactive tutorials
  • Research databases
  • Scientific Calculator with tutorials
  • Virtual Seminars
 Registering Students for Homework Help

1. Navigate to
2. Click Free Registration
3. Enter student's Ontario Education Number (OEN - not student number) and Birthdate. The OEN can be found on the top of student report cards and/or from the main office at the student's school. Click Register.
4. Students need to re-enter their OEN and birth date. They also need to create a username and password that they will use to access the site. Click Continue​ to continue with the registration process.

5. Students can enter their email address if they wish to receive emails from Entering student email is optional. They MUST read and click the 'I have read and agree to the terms of use' checkbox before they will be allowed to begin using the site. Click Register​.

6. Students have now registered and can use the site.