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Greater Essex County District School Board

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Schedule of Graduation Exercises
2014 High School Graduations
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Outstanding Service Awards
Celebrating Outstanding Service
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Great news in skilled trades education
Molding a Future in the Skilled Trades
/Repository/SiteGovernNewsImages/20140423/320 x 250_125510_Music Monday 008.jpg
Our annual celebration of music education
Massive Music Monday 2014
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Schools answer the Energy Challenge
2014 Energy Challenge
Around the Board
Nov 11, 2013
John A. McWilliam honours our military past and present during a Remembrance Day ceremony.
Apr 04, 2014
Feb 13, 2014
Our newest and littlest Mustangs enjoyed visiting at our Kindergarten Open House!
Apr 26, 2014
Taylor Celebration and Closing Ceremony
11:00 am - 2:30 pm
Calling all Taylor Tigers! Celebration and Closing Ceremony
May 3, 2014
Closing Celebrations
12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
J.E. Benson Public Open House
May 5, 2014
Massive Music Monday 2014
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
Singing the praises of music education
Our Mission
The Greater Essex County District School Board, in partnership with the community, provides learning opportunities which support, challenge and inspire all students to achieve their full potential and enable them to participate meaningfully in their communities.
Director's Message
# 18
Erin Kelly, 
Director of Education

Parent Involvement​

As educators, we take our responsibility for student achievement seriously and personally. We are committed to doing everything we can to provide opportunities for success but there is no substitute for the active participation of parents or guardians in a child's education.

It has been clearly demonstrated in a variety of studies that students excel and schools generally are effective when trust exists between parents and teachers. The staff members of the GECDSB are always willing to earn your trust and we welcome open, two-way communication between home and school.

There are many ways parents and guardians can be involved in their child's learning. Being informed is a valuable first step. Know what is happening in class by talking to your child and their teacher. Express a sincere interest in projects and homework and you should set high, but realistic, expectations for your child's schoolwork. Encourage and recognize his or her special talents and successes at school and share them with family and friends.

Our Board Parent Involvement Committee (GECPIC) organizes learning opportunities for parents  and I encourage you to learn about these workshops and all their activities on the GECPIC Page of this site.


 From the Chair


​​April 2, 2014

Vincent Massey Secondary School has entered the Ministry of Labour's safety-themed video contest:  "Its Your Job: Prevention Starts Here". 


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