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Math Collaborative Problem Solving

King Edward staff have been working on a theory of action that involves giving students the time to talk about and work collaboratively on challenging math problems.  The goal is to encourage students to share their thinking in math orally  in order to be able to explain their thinking in writing later.

Talking about math helps thinking in math

Here you see students in 2F working together on money value exchange.

2F math 2.JPG

Teachers are always learning too!

At King Edward, teachers learn too.  Promoting math communication and thinking skills is the focus of all of collaborative teacher learning sessions.  In the picture below, Mrs. Phillips-Brescoe is sharing a problem solving model with her colleagues during PLC (professional learning community) time. 

Below, Mrs. Ly co-plans with Teacher Consultant Kelly Winney.  By collaborating on our plans, we learn from each other about best practices.  The goal is always to reach all students and help them learn.


 At King Edward we have gone beyond a community where students learn from teachers.  We all learn from each other. 

Exploring math is important!
1T math.JPG

Here in grade 1T, students are practicing making '10 trains'.  Students use visual representation to make their own combinations which add up to 10.  By exploring math instead of just memorizing facts, students' brains store the rules, procedures and principles of numbers which allow them to automatically reproduce number combinations later on.  Mastering basic math facts involves the complex processes of discovery, labeling and internalizing. 


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